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Boarder Sleepover

For all #FutureCollegeBoys who apply to become a boarder, you have the chance to experience the unique #RedBlackWhite boarding experience at our annual boarder sleepover. Book now to reserve your spot at this exclusive event for prospective College boarders.

24 Hours in the Life of a Boarder

Maritzburg College offers a diverse and enriching boarding life. Boys who are interested in applying to be a boarder at College are encouraged to join us at the annual Boarder Sleepover.

Our annual Boarder Sleepover is enormously popular with boarding hopefuls at Maritzburg College. This gives boys a chance to meet other potential College boys, but also gives them a feel for the fun and diverse daily life within the #RedBlackWhite boarding establishment. This time lapse of fun, school life and structure gives boys first-hand experience of the young men they could become within these walls.

A Taste of Inimitable College Spirit

Depending on what’s happening at the school, boys participating in the sleepover will have a chance to go to a sports match and feel the wave of College spirit so typical of these events. Time is also set aside to tour the campus, go for a swim in the pool and play games on the legendary Goldstones.


Boarding Establishment Life

A glimpse into the unique College BE community

The Boarder Sleepover is available to up to 120 boys every year. They overnight in Nathan House – the Form 2 boarding establishment. During the 24 hours, boys interact with boarders, who share their experiences of their first year in the #RedBlackWhite BE. They also enjoy a delicious dinner in the Keith Guise-Brown Dining Hall, learn the College shout, and get a chance to interact with some 6th formers and prefects before turning in for the night.

Parents of Potential Boarders

The morning after the sleepover, boys have breakfast and enjoy sports and activities. Parents go on a campus tour and join an interactive Q & A sessions to learn more about the school and the #RedBlackWhite BE from our staff.

Life as a Boarder

In the BE, second formers make bonds with the boys they will live, study, and play closely with for five years. Every #RedBlackWhite BE is alive with the usual happy antics and activity of boys going about their school days. These formative years are tempered by traditions. College boarders brim with stories about their boarding years – a time of their lives they will never forget.

Boarding About & Ethos

The #RedBlackWhite BE is renowned for the high standards of its facilities and processes. Housed in historic buildings, this home-like BE is where memories are made.

Nathan House

Where Form 2 boys start their days in the #RedBlackWhite BE, Nathan House marks a series of beginnings for new College boys.

Clark House

Imbued with keen College history and housed in a distinguished building, Clark House is home to the Form 3, 4, 5 boys.

Hudson House

The largest boarding house on campus, Hudson House accommodates 130 boys from Form 3 to 5, bound by camaraderie.

Shepstone House

Home to 80 Form 3 to 5 boarders, Shepstone House is our newest and most modern boarding house, yet reflects the notable architecture of the adjacent Victorian buildings – combining the best of history and progress.

Elliott House

Elliott House is the dedicated Form 6 boarding establishment, offering Matric boarders the independent boarding experience that comes with seniority.

Our History Meets Your Future

Become part of the rich #RedBlackWhite BE tradition.