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Maritzburg College Foundation

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The Maritzburg College Foundation brings the College community together to provide long-term funding for the school. While the school receives an annual subsidy from the government, we face many financial challenges in upholding the school’s internationally competitive standards. By donating, you are contributing to infrastructure, scholarships, and meaningful College community projects.

Maritzburg College Foundation

Contributing to a Community

Maritzburg College is more than just a school; it is a community. The Maritzburg College Foundation has recognised the impact this community can have on the men College boys become and the evolution of the school’s longstanding culture of excellence. The Foundation is an independent entity whose purpose is to generate financial support for the school.

Maritzburg College is committed to creating opportunities for boys from all walks of life to experience the rich traditions and life-shaping education on offer at our school. The Maritzburg College Foundation operates transparently and accountably to raise and allocate donations to Maritzburg College to fund strategic objectives the school, scholarships, and infrastructure. These causes colour our heritage and guide our course into the future.

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Tax Benefits

Individuals and corporates enjoy a tax deduction for donations of up to 10% of annual taxable income. Channel an amount you would have paid in tax to a good cause.


College supports the B-BBEE code as a way for organisations to contribute to society. The Foundation facilitates the issuing of B-BBEE certificates to donors as part of their BEE scorecard’s CSI/SED component.

Through Service

Updates on performance, including how funds are being deployed, are regularly distributed via social media, printed publications, and electronic newsletters. Contact us to discuss naming opportunities for buildings or scholarships.

The Foundation’s Commitment

The Foundation embraces the involvement of the Old Boys’ Community and Friends of the School, whose primary objective is to enhance the school’s legacy and to provide opportunities to deserving boys.


Funding the Future

Attendance at a school such as Maritzburg College – and access to quality education in South Africa – is a privilege. Tuition fees are a barrier to entry for many talented boys and, in educating leaders, innovators, and thinkers, this affects both individual and our collective futures. The Maritzburg College Foundation has strategically identified three key focus areas for our fundraising initiatives moving forward.


Establishment of 100 scholarships to fund deserving boys


A fund to support essential capital development projects


Increase our endowment fund and support existing school projects

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