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99 Campaign


A solitary balloon blowing gently in the wind is not enough to fill the sky.
But 99 balloons could give a generation the voice it needs, to make a real difference and inspire hope for a better world…

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At a time when many are struggling to find financial resources to meet everyday needs, we recognise that a little help can go a long way

Maritzburg College is almost 160 years old, and current boys are benefitting from the fruit of many years of hard work, commitment and contributions from generations of old boys. Our facilities are world class and have largely been developed and funded from parents, teachers and old boys who have given “over and above“ over many years.

This is a journey of growth that we want to continue for College. We would like to invite all our parents and friends of College to join the “99 club“ by contributing just R99 per month, which will be channelled through the Maritzburg College Foundation. These funds will be donated directly to the school towards new capital projects and facilities to enable the school to continue to build for future generations.

As a member of the 99 Club, you will be invited to regular social events on campus, in partnership
with our Goldstones Club, to recognise our donors and have a chance to network and meet with others
in the #redblackwhite College Community. In addition, we will add you to our Foundation donor database and receive regular updates on initiatives for which the funding is being used.  Please note that Section 18A certificates will be issued to all donors to allow for tax deductions.

Contact Our Office

Contact Info

Chantall van der Merwe (Foundation) chantall@collegefoundation.co.za0333429376

Jenny Baptista (Donor Liaison) baptistaj@mcollege.co.za0333429376

Kevin Smith (Director: College Business) smithk@mcollege.co.za0333429376 / 0833257714


Latest News

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Progress to Date (as of 18 April 2022)

Goldstones Club chairperson, Richard Quin, with College Board Chairman, Craig McKenzie, and Director of College Business, Kevin Smith, at the 1st 99 Club lucky draw.
Kevin won the first prize of R3000. 
Many of the Martizburg College staff were among the first to donate to the 99 Club.

A HUGE thank you to the 2nd and 3rd form parents who have already committed to being members of the 99 Club. 
During the course of this year, we are approaching the parents of each of our forms to join. 

To join the 99 Club, please click here  or contact Chantal van der Merwe (chantal@collegefoundation.co.za)