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Endowment Scholarship Fund


As one of the prominent funds falling under The 100MillionforCollege Campaign, the Endowment Scholarship Fund is a historic long-term campaign to create an endowment fund for the school. Endowment funds are critical sources of permanent, long-term funding for successful educational institutions the world over. They empower vision and commitments far into the future, with the resources to meet those commitments. A strong endowment provides financial depth and forms the foundation of confident planning. The capital raised through the Endowment Scholarship Fund will be preserved intact, with the income generated used to meet pressing financial needs such as bursaries and as Maritzburg College is headed towards its third century of existence, the security of the school’s financial footing is paramount to its future.

The importance of The Fund

All funds that are contributed to the Endowment fund will be matched by our legacy donors, so effectively, your contribution will be doubled! This endowment fund will ensure the ongoing reputation of our great school, providing education that meets the needs of modern men as these needs evolve. In so doing, this preserves our proud College legacy long into the future. The Endowment Scholarship Fund will be a focal point for the school’s fundraising activities over the coming years.

How can I make a difference?

The funds will be raised via the Maritzburg College Foundation and invested through the Maritzburg College and Old Boys’ Memorial Trust. Most importantly, your contribution to the Endowment fund will effectively be doubled by our legacy donors!

Maritzburg College is a great South African institution. It has a critical role to play in developing well-rounded, socially aware young men who will forge a positive future for the country.

The 100MillionforCollege Campaign is a once-in-a-generation initiative that, through its innovative design and global reach, promises to set the school up for continued success as it heads towards its 200th anniversary.

By supporting this campaign, you are giving back to a school and country that have both left a long-lasting impression on your life.

If there is ever a time to give back to Maritzburg College and South Africa, it is now, and what better way than to the Endowment fund knowing that your contributions will be doubled!

Scholarships available for contributions

  • Academic
  • Sport
  • Cultural

What you will receive for your contributions

Any prospective donation tax benefit accruing to the donor will be regulated by the country in which the donation is made. The Maritzburg College Foundation is a registered Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) with the South African Revenue Service (SARS) and enjoys S18A status, which permits the issuing of donation tax certificates to South African taxpayers.

The Maritzburg College Foundation is also registered in the US (through Charities Aid Foundation of America), the UK (through UK Fund for Charities) and the Australian Communities Foundation, which enables taxpayers in these countries to make tax deductible donations to the Maritzburg College Foundation. In order to make use of these benefits, please click here for our international donations.

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