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Hudson House

‘Rest in Confidence’ at Hudson House

Hudson is the largest boarding house on campus, accommodating around 130 boys across Form 3 to Form 5 and house prefects. Over the years, Hudson has enjoyed a unique identity and Hudson’s camaraderie. It is this fabric that makes this boarding house a special place – one boys can truly call a home away from home.

It is important that, when boys leave the walls of Hudson House, their character and actions make us proud. Hudson boys have a clear understanding of action and consequence and this helps to channel their behaviour to ensure they are young men of integrity and influence.

Our Boarding House




The staff team at Hudson have a collective boarding experience of more than 50 years. Through this boarding team, boys are well-supported in a progressive and forward-focused environment.

At Hudson, the emphasis is on every boy’s wellbeing. This concept is given practical application through our core groups. Each boy is part of a core group which is led by one of the boarder masters. They meet regularly to discuss important issues and enjoy the occasional social activity, such as a braai, pizzas, or a game of touch rugby under the lights after prep.

Meet the Hudson Housemaster

“Hudson House first opened its doors to the College boarders in 1958 and we are the biggest house, housing 130 boys from Grades 9, 10, and 11. The boys of Hudson House have always enjoyed an identity and a unique Hudson’s camaraderie. It is this fabric that makes this house a special place. This is something that allows the boys to truly call this building a home away from home. This is echoed in a quote from a previous head of house who wrote a poem: ‘What is it in these walls that bonds the hearts of men?'”

– Kyle Emerson

  • Looking Up: Hear From a Hudson House Prefect

    “I started my journey in Hudson house 3 short years ago. I say short because time really has flown by. Hudson house has taught me the fundamentals of being a true College boy and gentleman. In Hudson House, we live by a DNA that becomes in-bred in us. We also have the most fun out of all the other houses. The memories and friends I have made during my time in Hudson house will live with me forever, from going for an evening house swim in summer to braaiing on the first weekend of the year with all the boys. I’m proud to now call myself a Hudson House prefect and watch boys develop and grow in this house I call my home.”


    Liam Tyler
    Form 6 (Prefect)
  • Looking Forward: Hear from a Form 5

    “I came from a small town, a small school, three hours away, and a very close family. I struggled with homesickness in 2nd form. If I had been given the opportunity in that year, I would have left College. I managed to get through the year. When I got to Hudson House, everything changed. I started to enjoy being at College.

    I went to Hudson House with friends who have become my brothers that I will hold dear for life. Hudson’s has reinforced the value of people no matter what age and taught us to look out for one another, no matter what. Hudson House has been a safe haven for me and my fellow housemates. I will always consider my three years in Hudson House as some of the best years of my life.”

    Matthew Ponter
    Form 5
  • Looking Home: Hear from a Hudson Parent

    “Our boys spend more time in their boarding houses than they do at home. For this reason, a parent requires a “home-away-from-home”, which will strengthen and reinforce the very core values, ethics, and code of conduct which are practiced in one’s own home. These include life’s most basic, but core elements: trust, confidence, discipline, respect, love, care, and responsibility. Hudson House provides this, by allowing our boys the space to take a lot of little steps towards maturity, while guided by safe boundaries. These walls are more than brick and mortar. They are a bonded camaraderie, friendships formed for life.

    As parents, we can ‘rest in confidence’ while physically separated from our sons, knowing that he is in good hands.”


    Hayley Ponter
    Hudson House Parent

The Layout of Hudson House

The facilities at Hudson are adapted to learning, growing boys and their academic, social, and personal needs. The house boasts two common rooms with pool tables, table tennis and foosball tables. Each boy has a dedicated prep area. The Form 3 boys work in one big prep room, which has an aircon. The Form 4 boys are broken into four prep rooms based on their academic ability. The Form 5 boys do prep in their dormitories as they have a workstation in their dormitory.

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