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Pupil Support Fund


Maritzburg College has long been regarded as one of the best monastic schools in South Africa. Its honour roll includes some of this country’s most prominent sportsmen, academics, business leaders and social entrepreneurs.

These past successes may have had the potential to contribute to a sense of complacency, but Maritzburg College has instead strategically repositioned itself to provide a relevant, internationally competitive education, and to continue producing young men of the very highest calibre.


The importance of The Fund

We are invested in the lives and futures of all our boys and see their growth and impact on the society around them as the most effective way of shaping the future of our community, our region and our country.

Maritzburg College recognises the responsibility of creating opportunities for boys from all walks of life to experience the rich traditions and life-shaping education that our school can offer.

The mentorship and support roles, fulfilled by our dedicated team of educators and staff, play a vital role in each boy’s development and social impact and offer a range of opportunities for each boy to realise his true potential.

We live in a country in which access to quality education, and the opportunity to attend a school such as Maritzburg College remains a privilege.

The ever-increasing tuition fees are a contributing factor in excluding many talented individuals from accessing education of a standard that is synonymous with Maritzburg College.

While the value proposition of what College offers remains solid, we are distinctly aware of the pressure on affordable education.

This fund is aimed at donors who want to uplift and support boys in various areas. This fund provides short-term funding of bursaries and scholarships which can incorporate a BBEEE and CSI component. This fund is also used for other pupil needs.

The funds raised through this, will be allocated towards:

  • Care Packs
  • Data and devices
  • Uniforms
  • Stationary and textbooks
  • Sports and Cultural tours
  • Whatever other needs arise for pupils 

How can I make a difference?

Please contact us to discuss where you would like to allocate your funds to.

What you will receive for your contributions

Any prospective donation tax benefit accruing to the donor will be regulated by the country in which the donation is made. The Maritzburg College Foundation is a registered Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) with the South African Revenue Service (SARS) and enjoys S18A status, which permits the issuing of donation tax certificates to South African taxpayers.

The Maritzburg College Foundation is also registered in the US (through Charities Aid Foundation of America), the UK (through UK Fund for Charities) and the Australian Communities Foundation, which enables taxpayers in these countries to make tax deductible donations to the Maritzburg College Foundation. In order to make use of these benefits, please click here for our international donations.

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