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The MC and MCOBA Memorial Trust

The Maritzburg College and Old Boys’ Memorial Trust (MC&OBMT) is a non-profit entity that enjoys Sec 18(A) status and was set up on the 14th May 1964.

Maritzburg College celebrated its 125th year in 1988 and the Old Boys’ Association (MCOBA) undertook to raise significant funds via the “125th appeal” and these funds were donated to the MC&OBMT.

Purpose of MC & OBMT

  1. To provide funds for Maritzburg College (“School”)
  2. To provide educational or training facilities for the benefit of the pupils, students or trainees of the school: and to generally promote the interests of the school, including the provisions of bursaries to assist pupils as selected by the Trustees at their sole discretion.


The Trustees meets quarterly to consider Trust matters. A subcommittee of the Trustee forms the Investment Committee which meets quarterly, on alternative dates, with the investment managers to consider the underlying investments of the Trust.

Nature of Business: Investment Holding Trust

Auditors:  PricewaterhouseCoopers Inc.

Bankers: First National Bank (FNB) (A Division of FirstRand Bank Limited)

Trust Deed number: IT572/1965/PMB

Trustees consist of:

  1. the Headmaster of College (ex-officio)
  2. the senior vice-principal of College (ex-officio)
  3. the President of the MCOBA (ex-officio)
  4. the Chairman of the Maritzburg College Governing Body (SGB) (ex-officio)
  5. two members of the MCOBA, voted in by the MCOBA and to hold office for 3 years
  6. one other person elected, as required, by the unanimous selection of the six aforementioned Trustees and to hold office for 3 years.