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Growth Through Learning

Academic Support

Every Opportunity to Flourish Academically

Within every boy’s school life at Maritzburg College, the most important element is academics. At College, we embrace that everyone learns differently. We have structured different academic support avenues to give each boy the chance to achieve his best during his time at the school.

Academic support is offered many subject areas at the school. These sessions are free of charge and entrance depends solely on a boy’s work ethic and need. By working in consultation with teachers, boys are empowered to be accountable for their academic performance. Through our support structures, we give boys a comprehensive toolkit for academic success.


Main Academic Support Methods




Where boys experience challenges in the classroom, the first step is to approach their subject teachers, who devise tailored strategies suited to every boy’s learning needs. This is free of charge and available to every member of the College school community.

At College, we are well-versed in working with boys’ different learning styles to best effect. Every boy owns his academic results – and no victory is sweeter than a challenge overcome. Ours is also a community of learners and we offer boys every chance to do their best. While some boys benefit from extra time and one-on-one attention from teachers, others flourish under a system of peer tutoring. Our academic support comprises the following components:

  • After hours subject sessions with teachers
  • Peer tutoring
  • Online learning resources
  • Learning concessions
  • Remedial teaching
  • Advanced programmes

Concessions: Achieving Exam Excellence

Concessions were once exclusively available to private schools. This is a somewhat unique offering for a government school and this proudly fits in the College ethos of helping every boy find his place. For boys with special requirements, College works with mandated psychologists and exam bodies to secure concessions for our boys. These concessions include considerations such as extra reading time, scribes, or readers.

Exams can be a source of great anxiety – and this is exacerbated by learning hindrances that don’t fit within the traditional exam setup. Whatever your needs, College supports every boy in writing exams under ideal circumstances. This means they can consistently achieve their best results, grow confidence, and thrive academically.

Remedial and Advanced Tutelage

The purpose of academic support is to help every boy do his best academically. On the one hand, Maritzburg College provides remedial Maths and English to boys with special learning needs in these areas. These classes are conducted by qualified teachers who help boys to overcome challenges in these core learning areas.

In a similar vein, qualified teachers also run advanced programmes in Maths and English. These extra classes help boys to perform at their best in these subjects – and give them the skills they need to sit independent exams during the academic year.

Extra Lessons: Teacher-Run Academic Support Sessions

If boys encounter challenges in their academic performance, the first step is to approach their subject teacher. Academic support is available per subject and per term and is considered an extra-curricular commitment like any other. Teachers and tutors work together to give boys individual attention in these small classes. Together, we work to grow skills, knowledge, and understanding – allowing boys to confidently engage and progress in the classroom.

The support programme will depend on the individual needs of the boy and the advice of his subject teacher. Along with the in-class instruction, boys work closely with the support materials and resources provided by the school via the Moodle and YouTube channel.

Peer Tutoring: Growing Ability Through Brotherhood

At our very core lies a tradition of mentorship and leadership – and this extends to the academic spheres of life too. House structure, as well as our systematic approach to leadership and mentorship, serves an invaluable role in supporting boys who face academic challenges. Peer tutoring gives boys the chance to collaborate and learn from each other.

The role of peer tutoring goes further than that too. It is an exciting chance for boys to share thoughts, grow ideas, and supplement what they have learned in the classroom in a safe and supportive setting.

There is a place for every boy at College. As a school that prides itself on standards of academic excellence, we naturally provide a careful system of support to boys as required during their school lives.