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“Ubuntu” – Paying it forward

A sincere #RedBlackWhite debt of gratitude to our Australian Old Collegians

Three brothers, Warren (OC 1986), Mark (OC 1988) and Gareth (OC 1996) of the Turner family based in Australia, are providing a great example of what it means to “Pay it forward”.  Wanting to show tangible recognition for the education that they received, as well as the life experiences learned at College in their formative years, these Old Collegians have contributed to the College of today, in a number of outstanding ways.

They started by establishing the Maritzburg College Fund, a Sub-Fund of the Australian Communities Foundation (ACF), which facilitates donors in Australia making tax-deductible contributions to support Maritzburg College. Tax-deductibility status is difficult to achieve and maintain due to onerous governance, regulation and reporting requirements. In partnering with ACF, Old Collegians and supporters of the school in Australia, are able to give back in a tax-efficient manner. For more information on this platform please read this story

The commemorative plaque placed outside the newly built classrooms completed in 2021 thanks to generous funding from our Australian College Old Collegians.




Using this platform, the Turners made a very generous donation to the school in 2021, which facilitated the building of two new classrooms. A plaque has been placed outside the classrooms, in recognition of this donation and acknowledging the true spirit of “Ubuntu” – working together, we can achieve great things.

This year, the Australian College Old Collegians have once again donated a significant sum of money to College, and these funds will be used towards an exciting project which will add value to all members of our College community. Watch this space for more!

As Maritzburg College moves towards celebrating our 160th year in 2023, we would like to publicly acknowledge and extend our deep and sincere gratitude to the Turner family and the Australian College Old Collegians for their support, which is helping ensure that we can continue to #ChangeLives and #ShapeFutures for many more young men into the future.


Pro Aris et Focis