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Phase 1: College’s Goldstones Project is finished

The first phase of this project was completed just in time for Reunion 2022 and the feedback from our OCs who were there, has been wonderful!

“They do look fabulous. Well done and thank you”
“We went in and had a look at the Changerooms and they look great”
“That really is fantastic!”
“The boys are very happy with the results”
“Let’s do it again sometime.”

One wall of lockers inside the changeroom.

Phase 2 of the project is still continuing, and while all our lockers have been sold, you can still donate and have your name (or even a group name) on the board at the entrance to the changeroom.

Donor boards at the entrance to the changeroom on Goldstones.

For a donation of R1 000, your name will go on the “Red” list, for R5 000, on the “Black” list, for R10 000 on the “White” list. For more information, please contact Jenny Baptista at baptistaj@mcollege.co.za

We are also looking to finish off some final touches to the changeroom (projectors, cushions, some memorabilia) so if you would like to get involved in anyway, please let us know thank you.

Thank you once again to all involved, together we are Changing Lives and Shaping Futures!