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Maritzburg College awards a limited number of Scholarships for excellence in Academics, Culture, and Sport. In all cases, the potential candidates are selected, solely at the discretion of the school, according to a range of carefully defined criteria.

Recognising Excellence

Academic Scholarships

Academic scholarships are awarded to a select few of the top achievers. These awards are based on a boy’s Grade 6 December report and the results of the Maritzburg College Scholarship Exam (written by invitation only).

Cultural Scholarships

Cultural scholarships are usually awarded retrospectively, based on a learner’s commitment to cultural pursuits and cultural talent displayed during his Form 2 (Grade 8) year. Cultural heads nominate learners, who are assessed and shortlisted during a selection process.

Sporting Scholarships

Sports scholarships are awarded to a select few talented boys who perform at a provincial (or higher) level in a major sport. We consider the information provided by the primary schools, and the recommendations of our High Performance Recruitment officer based on his observations at primary school matches, regional trials, and competitions.

How To Be Considered

Every application is assessed according to the above criteria. Therefore, parents should not apply for scholarships at Maritzburg College. Our admissions team roots out talent in each of these key areas, working within a successful scholarship selection model. We will contact parents whose sons are awarded these scholarships to notify them.

Have a Question?

Please direct any questions you may have around scholarships to our admissions department.

Phone : 033 342 9376

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for my son to write the Academic Scholarship Exam?

There is no application process for our Academic Scholarship. Our admissions team hand-selects every candidate, who receives an exclusive invitation to sit the exam, which tests boys’ aptitude in Maths and English.

How does my son qualify for the Cultural Scholarship?

Winners of the Cultural Scholarship are internally selected from a pool of Form 2 boys who exhibit commitment and excellence in the cultural sphere. All he needs to do is participate, show passion, and achieve in cultural pursuits during his first year at Maritzburg College. The rest of the process is conducted internally.

How does my son qualify for the Sporting Scholarship?

Our admissions team flags any boys who play sport competitively at a high level. Thereafter, Maritzburg College makes contact with their primary schools, who liaise with us and provide additional information in the final selection process.

I’d like to send College a CV of my son’s achievements. How do I do this?

Maritzburg College is a school committed to the celebration of excellence. We invite parents whose sons show talent to showcase their son’s achievements by completing the form below.


Is Your Son a Top Achiever?

If you are considering Maritzburg College for your son, please let us know more about his academic, cultural or sporting achievements.

The form below can be completed if your son has an excellent level of academic or cultural achievement, and/or has excelled in a sporting code.

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