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Important Year Dates

The Year at a Glance

What is in store for the year ahead? Our annual overview calendar gives you quick access to the year’s important dates so you can plan ahead with ease. With relevant information for boys, parents, and Old Boys, use this to fill your diary and enjoy a year filled with College spirit.

Revised Term Dates 2021

After receiving revised information from the Department of Education, we have updated our school term dates:

Term 3

Boarders Return: Sunday 18 July by 19:00

Start of Term: Monday 19 July

End of Term: Friday 1 October

Term 4

Boarders Return: Sunday 10 October by 19:00

Start of Term: Monday 11 October

End of Term: Wednesday 15 December (official closing date)

Term 3 Important Scheduled Dates

Parents’ Evenings

Alan Paton Memorial Hall from 17:15

  • 11 August: 6th Form Parents’ Evening
  • 18 August: 5th Form Parents’ Evening
  • 25 August: 4th Form Parents’ Evening

Subject Choice

Deadline for completed forms:

  • Fri 13 August

6th Form Trials Exams

(Subject to confirmation)

  • Start: Wed 1 September
  • End: Thurs 23 September

Leadership Camps, Tours and Hikes

  • Acting Prefects Identification Camp: Mon 9 August – Fri 13 August
  • 5th Form Work Experience, Economics and History Tours: Sun 26 September – Thurs 30 September
  • 4th Form Leadership Camp: Mon 27 September – Thurs 30 September
  • 2nd and 3rd Form Leadership Camps: Sun 26 September – Thurs 30 September