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Latest on our Goldstones Project

14 April 2022

And the walls went up! The top floor is nearly complete as can be seen in the above photo

The new facility on Goldstones is progressing well.

The lockers are moving fast with only a handful still available. The class of 1977 as well as the class of 2013 have secured lockers on behalf of their year groups. The 2001 1st XV and 1992 1st XV are very close to reaching their targets, so don’t delay in getting your donations in!

We appeal to the cricket teams to join their brothers in the 1977 and 1985 years in having both their rugby and cricket teams securing lockers. Let’s see which other years can join these ranks!

The 1978 1st XV remain the top team for raising the most funds, and the 2002 1st XV have collected the most from our Gen Z teams!

Also a shout out to the 2002 1st XV Rugby team who are in the top 3 for the most amount raised from a team – well done! Hopefully some more of “Gen Z” will follow suit!

Thank you once again to everyone who has so generously supported this initiative – it’s not too late to join in, and we are grateful for any and all donations to ensure College has the best facilities possible for future generations.