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99 Campaign

A solitary balloon blowing gently in the wind is not enough to fill the sky, but 99 balloons could give a generation the voice it needs to make a real difference and inspire hope for a better world. At a time when many are struggling to find financial resources to meet everyday needs, we recognise that a little help can go a long way. 

The 99 Campaign is working through our 100Million4College initiative to create many more opportunities for boys to benefit from the excellent and relevant educational experience that College offers, along with access to high-quality teaching and sporting facilities and resources. Small regular monthly donations of just R99 are leveraged with a matching amount from a 100m4C legacy donor – so equate to R198!

The 99 Campaign organises regular social events on campus, in partnership with the Goldstones Club, to recognise our donors and provide an opportunity to network and socialise as the #redblackwhite College Community. For more information and to sign up, please contact chantall@collegefoundation.co.za