Current Project Priorities

Current Project Priorities

Our current priority development project involves the expansion of the BoardingEstablishment, starting with the extension of Nathan House in 2016, followed by the building of a new boarding house, to be called Shepstone House – this will begin in 2016. Thereafter, minor changes will be made to Clark House and Hudson House (2017).

We believe that this increase in our boarding capacity, to 500 boys, will play a strategic role in Maritzburg College continuing to be able to attract a quality intake each year – this is key to Maritzburg College being able to participate effectively in an increasingly competitive market.

Other future projects already identified in our strategic plans include the following:

  • The extension of the Media Centre
  • Redevelopment of the Kent Pavilion
  • Upstairs development of the Barns change room facilities to include a new College Shoppe, music room and other facilities
  • Installation of lights on Pape’s Astro
  • Additional staff housing
  • Additional classrooms
  • Tiered lecture theatre

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