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Posted Wednesday April 22, 2020 by College Giving

With Lockdown restrictions in place our College boys have taken their academic learning online. The school is providing a range of digital platforms and resources to make remote and online education possible. But this sudden and dramatic shift has exposed some of our most financially vulnerable boys. The reality for some of our boys in need is that they are now falling behind academically. This is largely due to the unfortunate circumstances they find themselves in that prevent them from "getting to class". The problem is devices and data. It is also about more urgent needs such as food, personal products, essential services and medication - who can worry about going to school if you're hungry and in need? We want to help these boys come back to class. Your commitment through a donation or by donating a device can help us (re)open the door to learning for these College boys.
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With Lockdown restrictions in force and likely to remain so for many school-going pupils (at least for the foreseeable future), Maritzburg College has moved its academic programme online and has been actively encouraging and driving online learning. Boys have been provided with a range of digital platforms and resources and have been attending “virtual classes” for the past few weeks.


For many of our boys going back to school under lockdown has been an adventure. For many it has been a fresh and exciting experience. Something new and strange to be going to class in your pyjamas or interacting with your mates in a whole different way. Working remotely, at their own pace and submitting assignments online, makes many of them feel quite grown up, a taste of university life perhaps?

But it’s a terribly short distance between adventure and tragedy.

A few minutes drive from the relative comfort of these improvised classrooms many of our Maritzburg College brothers find themselves in exceedingly challenging situations. Theirs is not an adventure, not even close.

While most grumble about the speed of the Internet and the bandwidth needed to run more than 1 device simultaneously some of our College boys will go to bed hungry tonight.

In their tragedy there are no dedicated study areas, no home-styled menus to order school day lunch and snacks off. No regular meals. No routers. No WiFi. And No school. Every day that these boys are away from school they fall further behind academically and their academic futures become increasingly compromised.

Our fear is that they may slip through the cracks if we don’t stand up and help before it’s too late.

Remote schooling is not only about access to the Internet for them. Who feels like learning when they’re hungry? Or stressed and worried? Or forgotten?

Our #LockdownRelief Appeal is a promise, a pledge we are making to offer as much support to as many of our College boys as we can.

Please help us keep our promise by making an online donation to this appeal today

You can also choose to donate a device that you may have lying around at home or to donate the cost of an entry-level device.

Food, essentials, medicine, devices, data. Whatever it takes, we will bring our College boys back to class.

Click and make your donation now.

To show our love and gratitude we will give each donor a specially branded College face mask as a visible reminder that you are part of the solution for these boys in need.

Thank you for your support.

Stay safe.