Class of 2000 Appeal : a legacy for the future

Posted Friday May 08, 2020 by College Giving

In a perfect, pre-Covid-19 world the Class of 2000 would be celebrating their 20year anniversary at the annual College Old Boys’ Reunion Weekend that was due to tee-off in two weeks’ time.

Like many other events and gatherings, this year’s Reunion pilgrimage will not take place. And this means that the Class of 2000 Alumni will likely have to defer their celebrations until 2021 (Deo volente).¬†

As interested onlookers we have shared the Class of 2000’s enthusiasm and excitement during the planning phase of their 20year reunion and we have been inspired by their fundraising appeal (as part of the 100MillionForCollege Campaign) to endow a scholarship for an aspiring College boy.

Without the possibility of a reunion dinner this year to toast their efforts it is right and proper that we use other platforms to acknowledge the immense effort that these gentlemen have made towards establishing the College Old Boys’ Memorial Scholarship.


Although inspired by the tragic death of fellow classmate Craig Stewart, this campaign is about the future. The College Old Boys’ Memorial Scholarship will ensure that the sons of deceased Old Boys are offered the opportunity to embark upon their own College journey.

To endow a scholarship for the future as part of the 100MillionForCollege Campaign requires a minimum investment of R500 000. To date the Class of 2000 (and their supporters) have pledged R426 440 and the R500 000 mark is well within sight.

With their deferred 20year reunion now possibly a year away the Class of 2000 are refocussing their efforts on this appeal and the opportunity of creating a scholarship in perpetuity. This legacy will forever link them to College through the young men who will share their College experience. 

The generous support of the following donors has enabled this campaign to grow to where it currently stands:

  • Ayden Shrives (OC2000)
  • Vanessa Ronald
  • Warren Lloyd (OC2000)
  • Chris Healey (OC2000)
  • Sean Culverwell
  • Lyle Gillespie (OC2000)
  • Gregg Potter (OC2000)
  • Jayden de Charmoy (OC2000)
  • Craig Miles
  • Giles Mooney (OC2000)
  • Angus Whitelaw (OC2000)
  • Jonty Bennie (OC2000)
  • Anonymous (OC2000)
  • Tim Howes (OC2000)
  • Richard Kriel (OC 2000)
  • Sean McGladdery (OC2000)
  • Joe Gregory (OC2000)
  • Ross O’ Connor (OC2000)
  • Clint Nel (OC2000)
  • Wayne Thompson (OC2000)
  • Pravashen Naidoo (OC2000)
  • Anonymous (OC1987)
  • Nick Polley (OC1991)

For more information on this worthwhile appeal click here or contact us directly.