College rally to the “Jimeloyo-Ji” call

Posted Monday June 17, 2019 by College Giving

In the space of one night Andiswa, a grade 11 learner at Maritzburg College, and his family went from a stable, secure home environment to having to sift through the smoldering debris for what could be salvaged of their worldly possessions.

The family home had been almost entirely burned down in a suspected arson attack and Andiswa and his family relegated to the two rooms that miraculously escaped the damage.

Faith and hope, the family say, will see them rebuild and repair but for this hardworking and diligent pupil who is placed in the top 3 in Grade 11 and also represents the 2nd XI hockey side, this has been a tremendous setback.

Andiswa’s books, notes, uniforms  – in fact almost all of his College belongings – were all destroyed in the blink of an eye.

In true College spirit our Foundation donors and followers have rallied in support of our Jimeloyo-Ji Appeal : our general support fund that is used for unforeseen situations like this where a College boy finds himself in need of a hand up.

Andiswa has been offered a temporary place in the BE: three good meals a day and a roof over his head while the family take stock of their circumstances. 

Through the generosity of our community, the College Foundation has also been able to step in and provide funding to replace Andiswa’s uniforms and kit.

Offers of support towards uniforms, accommodation costs and meals have been received via our online appeal. Donated books and stationery, uniform items and furniture have also been pledged in response to our recent newsletter appeal.

It may yet be a while until Andiswa can move back home and the family are back on their feet, but thanks to your generosity the road to be travelled has become a little easier for this College family.

You can pledge your support to Andiswa and our Jimeloyo-Ji fund by making an online contribution or via direct EFT:

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For further information and updates please contact our Foundation Office at 

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photo: stock image used due to sensitivity of this event