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Posted Monday December 11, 2017 by College Giving

Please take a moment to remember our #WeSupportMiso campaign - an appeal on behalf of a young College boy battling cancer. He and his family really need our prayers and support....
R21,850.00 donated
25 Donors
Please take a moment to remember our #WeSupportMiso campaign - an appeal on behalf of a young College boy battling cancer. He and his family really need our prayers and support....
R21,850.00 donated
25 Donors

In March this year our journey with the College Foundation gave us the opportunity to meet one of the most humble and engaging College pupils – Miso Khoza, a 5th form (Grade 11) boy and two time cancer survivor.

Back in March Miso had just been diagnosed with the aggressive form of Ewing’s Sarcoma for the third time and was preparing himself for another battle with cancer.

We wanted to try and help where possible and through the College Foundation launched the #WeSupportMiso campaign – aimed at raising awareness, support and money for Miso and his family to help with the medical costs and other expenses that would no doubt be a part of their journey over the weeks and months to come.

Our very first donation was from a College Old Boy, himself a cancer survivor, and this generosity set the ball rolling for us. Miso and his family were overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and support from the College Community – and from complete strangers as well!

There were recognised donations and anonymous ones, pledges and donations from fundraisers that schools and clubs had hosted, big commitments and smaller pledges that you knew came from supporters who were giving what they could – but all were given from the heart and helped the family navigate the tough financial times during and between treatments and the unexpected curveballs that came their way.

Miso’s fight has touched many people’s lives. His “angel” network has helped carry the family during these past 9 months and has grown significantly over this time. Miso has been followed by and has inspired pupils, parents and supporters not only from Pietermaritzburg but from all over the country and even beyond.

And all this while Miso, his mom and his family have shouldered this burden together and have given this fight everything they could.

Sadly, of late, there have been more setbacks than encouraging news, more bad days than good.

Last week our brave young boy and his mom embarked on a trip to Johannesburg to fulfil another of Miso’s long-time dreams: to take a plane ride for the first time and meet the cast of  the stage production “Queen”. The excitement of this experience was dampened by Miso falling ill after meeting the cast and having to be hospitalised in Johannesburg.

Miso has now been transferred back to a local hospital in Hilton where his condition is critical.

His mom and family have been told by the medical staff to prepare themselves.

The hallways at Hilton Life have been full of friends, supporters and admirers these last few days – all wanting to come and pray, visit and spend some time with Miso.

Miso’s journey with us is now coming to an end but even in this darkest hour our prayers, love and support can help him and his family deal with what lies ahead and help carry them through this very sad time.

Our appeal to you now is to please remember our #WeSupportMiso campaign. Please go online and make a commitment.

Enable us to provide the support to Miso and his family for their immediate needs and for those needs that await them.

And if you would like to send a special message or prayer to Miso and his family please join the Facebook group: Support Group for Miso Khoza

Thank You.

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  1. Leigh Durham says:

    Miso my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family over this difficult period of time that you all face together. May Gods loving arms be with you all and may you be comforted in the knowledge that HE who created us all is with you now and forever. Leigh

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