Class of 2008 Appeal

Posted Tuesday June 12, 2018 by College Giving

We are all where we are today, at least partially, through using the skills and opportunities that were afforded to us during our time at a great school. College has been giving young men the skills and lessons they need to succeed in the life for over 155 years. We as a class can help aid in giving boys who show promise the opportunities that’s otherwise might not be available to them. Whether that be academic, leadership, or sporting, we can make a difference, however large or small. Let’s “Stand up for our mates”, and donate.
9.30% Raised
R4,650.00 donated of R50,000.00 goal
5 Donors

College has provided us all with the opportunity to grow.

Its academic program prepares ours minds to grow, challenge ideas, and think for ourselves. The infrastructure and facilities allow us ample opportunities to develop our athletic capabilities. And the community encourages diverse relationships.

We all have used the skills we learnt while at College to get to where we are today. If we get together as a class, we can help in providing opportunities that may not have otherwise been achievable. Affording this opportunity to students who show promise is a small thing that we can do to say a thank you to a school that provided us with so much.

We would like to appeal to all Class of ’08 Old Boys, their families and friends to support this initiative by pledging their support through a donation or an affordable monthly commitment.

Any donation is sure to have a positive impact on a students path through college.

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