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Maritzburg College Foundation

Maritzburg College has long been regarded as one of the best monastic schools in South Africa. Its honour roll includes some of this country’s most prominent sportsmen, academics and business leaders. These past successes may contribute to a sense of complacency, but Maritzburg College has strategically repositioned itself to provide an internationally competitive education, and to continue producing young men of the very highest calibre.

The Maritzburg College Foundation was registered as an independent entity in 2011 as part of the proposed solution aimed at addressing the financial challenges that face Maritzburg College. The purpose of the Foundation is to generate financial support for the school, in so doing this ensures that the strategic objectives of Maritzburg College are met.

The Maritzburg College Foundation is managed by a board of directors and is subject to an annual audit. The Foundation is a registered Non-Profit Organisation (100-594-NPO) and also enjoys Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) status (PBO number: 930037607).

Maritzburg College is the sole beneficiary of the Maritzburg College Foundation.

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Tax Benefits

All donations to the Foundation are tax deductible in terms of Section 18A of the Income Tax Act. The current South African tax guidelines entitle individuals to enjoy a tax deduction for donations of up to 10% of annual taxable income; similarly in the case of a corporate donation, the company is entitled to deduct a donation of up to 10% of its taxable income. This gives you the opportunity of personally channeling an amount you would have paid in tax to a cause of your choice.

B-BBEE Certificate

Maritzburg College supports the spirit of the B-BBEE code, as a way for organisations to contribute to society, and the Foundation therefore facilitates the issuing of B-BBEE certificates to donors as part of the CSI/SED portion of their BEE scorecard. The Foundation is independently audited by Mitchells Inc on an annual basis. B-BBEE certification is provided by RockSolid Consulting, a division of Colenbranders Inc and approved IRBA Registered B-BBEE Auditors.

Partnerships through service

The Maritzburg College Foundation looks forward to understanding and serving your donation requirements.

Updates on the School and Foundation’s performance, including how funds are being deployed, are regularly distributed via social media, printed publications and electronic newsletters. The offering of naming opportunities for buildings or scholarships can be negotiated subject to the size and nature of the donation, sponsorship or bequest.

The Foundation’s Commitment

The Maritzburg College Foundation and its Board of Directors embrace the involvement of the College Old Boys’ Community and active Friends of the School, whose prime objective is to enhance the legacy that is Maritzburg College and to provide opportunities to boys who see value in this legacy and who will hopefully benefit from the transforming educational experience it can offer.